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Hey there, I’m Tatum Nelson! I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri but have been living in Springfield, Missouri for the past nine years. My husband Aaron and I first met through a mutual friend and have been married for five years. We’re opposite in nearly every way you could imagine but I’m convinced it’s more fun that way. Despite our seemingly opposing nature, together we enjoy road-tripping, slow mornings, our Aussie pup Nova, and quality time with our friends. I love my daily morning pour-over coffee, a good thriller movie, and all the new people and places this career has brought me to. I’ve had an appreciation for photography for as long as I can remember. I am generally an observant person and have always enjoyed capturing the people, things, and moments that often get overlooked. However, this hasn’t always been my career. It wasn’t until I resigned from my job as an elementary school teacher that I began learning more about the art of photography. In the beginning I was spending most of my time watching online photography tutorials, eager to discover and create my own style. I found myself practicing around the house, and frequently ‘phoning-a-friend’ per say, a photographer I admire, who patiently answered my every question. It was intimidating at first but, with the encouragement of my family and friends, I felt confident that it was what I wanted to pursue. I made photography my full-time job in October of 2021 and have since been trusted with countless weddings, engagements, pregnancy portraits, and senior sessions. It really is a dream come true for me and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!


Hey, I’m Jenna! I was raised in Branson, Missouri, and moved to Springfield, Missouri two years ago. I enjoy listening to folk music with the windows down, sipping on iced white chocolate lattes, and going on spontaneous trips with friends. I love new outfits, plants, and corgis. When I’m not hanging out with friends or working, you can find me serving in my local church or at small group. A few years ago, I felt God calling me to full-time ministry. After being an intern at my church, I fell in love with people and the Lord’s love for people. After months of praying and waiting for God to open up a door to ministry, I stumbled upon a cheap camera on Facebook in the summer of 2022. From the first click of the shutter, I was hooked! Through this journey, the Lord has taught me to fall in love with the in-between moments and the details that others usually overlook. I am so blessed with this business and the opportunities that come with it.

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